Law of Creation and My Authority

The objective is for you to realise the truth that you and I are the actual source of power and hence are responsible for the mess we find our society in today!

We have the authority and we delegate rights and privileges to our governments and their employees. THEY DO NOT DELEGATE TO US AND THEY DO NOT TELL US WHAT AND HOW TO DO THINGS!

We have failed to hold them accountable and until we do there can be no rule of law!

This is how the pyramid looks. Until you understand this nothing can change!


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  • 00:00 Part 1 – Understanding my authority,
  • 06:36 Part 2 – Understanding my responsibility
  • 08:48 Part 3 – My accountability
  • 11:10 Part 4 – Highest Law is creation (sorry about dogs barking!)
  • 13:03 Part 5 – Followed by Law of the Land
  • 13:52 Part 5 – Followed by “other legal systems”

In Deception = UNLAWFUL CONTRACT I have explained legal language and will add a section on contracts this week.

I will add each slide as a page, but will leave up my original slides due to lack of time. Please leave comments for improvements.

Ego’s play no useful part to solutions – reasoning with deliberation, the mind weighing as in a balance of good or evil on each side…. 

Threats, intimidation and violence do not form consensus, without consensus there can be no peaceful resolution.

Legal analysis presentation – Authority Responsibility Accountablility and legal systems ppt

PDF download: Legal analysis presentation – Authority Responsibility Accountablility and legal systems

Authority, responsibility and accountability – Slide 1

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