Applications for hearing on 10 October 2018

Well it has been all go since submitting my Reply to the Defences on the 24 September…. 2 more applications have been filed so hopefully get all 3 dismissed…

So there is the first one from the first hearing from USL , which is listed to be heard first and their costs are now over 40k… to settle my claim of max 4.7k…. and they admit a minimum of 2.5k… makes sense yeah?

Reply to application to strike out D10 the D12 as submitted

Next listed is a new one from D1 & D4 who previously were following USL, but appear to lack the confidence to ride on the back of that one….

Reply to application to strike out D1 the D4

And finally Tony Freeman and Michael Patterson have decided it may be getting a bit hot so they have hired a lawyer…. 2 days after the defences were due…. so maybe what has come up in the defences has struck a nerve…..

Reply to application to strike out D2, D3 and D9 as submitted

So only Michael Gubbay is holding out… will be interesting on Wednesday what the court has to say!

I have issued Discontinuance Notice for Allan Freeman as I dont have access to the accounts of PSD, Simin Gubbay and Sol Levi as I am not convinced on the wording of the Freehold Title…..

Notice of Discontinuance D2, D7 & D8

So if you bored…. come along….  Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 11am…. Civil Courts, 35 Vernon Street Liverpool.

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