Peaceful social interaction is by consent, not deceit

This is how much of the magik occurs. It is often called smoke and mirrors, behind the veil and many other things, but largely is the justification used by the powers that be that their behaviour is morally acceptable and not evil.  Sorry but as this justification is unlawful as it a contract without consent!

In truth this is the result purely from the people choosing not to use their brains and holding those who have been delegated authority, or with whom they choose to contract not accepting their responsibility and blaming those behind the power.

Please get comfortable with the Legal analysis slide presentation as it the foundation for this presentation.

A few legal definitions


Without consent any contract is unlawful and it does not matter how smartly written or how many pages of small print!

I have broken this down into two section, firstly terminology so you can understand that a different language is used for law that IS NOT ENGLISH which is what we are taught, commonly called Legalese (which is why they insist on you being represented thereby declaring yourself illiterate!) and the second part is on understanding the elements of contracts which covers all interactions beyond meeting your needs of survival!

Dog Latin, Law Latin, Legalese….. Ever wonder why you get no where in court whilst the lawyers get rich? Because if it is you against the state then they all work for the state….. When it is a private matter then they keep you fighting….. all are members of the BAR!

ADDITIONAL SLIDE NOT YET IN VIDEO – update on ASL – American Sign Language from Chicago Stlyes Manual….


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