Introduction to me ……

For a long time it has been apparent to me that things just are getting worse for humanity….

Starvation, environmental destruction, homelessness, wars, “terrorism”, fake news….

These conclusions are the result of much intensive research over the last 5 years, backed with 53 years of life experience in varied jobs and extensive travel and hours of discussions.

The simple conclusion is the vast majority of people I have come across want to be able to come home at the end of a days work and say “I had a good day at work am thankful I am able to out a roof over our heads and food on the table”.

I have eaten off mats on the floor in tin shacks where I was warmly greeted by the proud owners and their families giving so much when they have so little, but they always has big warm hearts and smiles on their faces.

So how is it that we put profit before humanity?

The answer I believe is in how we justify (make excuses) to ourselves that it is the system. We absolve our responsibility of being the future we all want to see by blaming others for our problems, and accept no responsibility for the part we have played. Now this is the behaviour of a young child that does not get its way, constantly blaming others!!!

When we are born we have no prejudices, no belief system, no social conditioning, and as testified by the many smiles and joy young children show, smiling and playing in the streets are loving, trusting and happy. As we grow up things change, we learn hate, division, blame, and start to become aware of the injustices around us. We question things are are taught to lie from a young age as it is socially not acceptable to tell the truth as we observe it as it may hurt other peoples feelings. We are told it is not “politically correct”! What utter illusions we live under as we get older….

A child can see the difference between males and females, tall and short, fat and thin, hair colour, skin colour, eye colour etc…..

“Politically correct” has serious consequences that result in much of the division which causes so much harm in today’s world. We no longer have open minds, we lack the ability to hold a basic discussion critically analysing observations and get labelled one thing or another – polar opposites – you are with us or against us….. but hang on is what if neither of us is correct, or both of us are only partly right? Is it better we don’t have our ego’s dented and hate one another? EGO is the biggest problem humanity has on the individual level as well as social, work and governmental level!

How can anyone be surprised – we are taught as children not to hurt one another’s feelings so how the hell do we learn to deal with our ego’s??????

Accordingly I ask we set ego’s aside and you view this with an open mind, evaluate what I have to say, and formulate thought out reasoned comments to increase my knowledge and revise my opinions as opposed to the usual hate speech, threats and intimidation.

Remember once the world was believed to be flat…. reasoned observation has since lead us to believe it is round…. our views and beliefs can only be based on the best available knowledge we have at the time. Who knows is may turn out observation and evidence in the future may change our belief that it is a cube!

The possibilities for our future is only limited by our imaginations!

2 thoughts on “Introduction to me ……”

  1. Hi Marc

    Hopefully you can remember me, my name is Jordan we met on the train a few month back .

    What you said to me has opened up my eyes to many things around me that I did not realise before, Thank you so much!

    you are a great guy with great ideas! And a brilliant way of putting things into perspective! keep going and good luck on your travels.. All the best!


  2. Hold frim and straight for we stand in the middle of the center surrounded by the devil and his snakes.. I live in America in the mist on this turmoil

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