Debt Protocol came into effect Oct 2017…

This is the debt protocol that came into force on 1 October 2017.

It is excellent and should be anyone’s first reply to anyone (including companies and public bodies) who are making a claim against you.


Excellent presentation…. about 2 hours…..

Before they can make a claim they are OBLIGED (no choice!) to follow this procedure so here I will list my attempts to apply this!

We must all stand up for our rights and until we do the bullies will just continue to benefit from our sweat and tears!  So please start to just send it when you get your next Council Tax Bill etc…..

This will hold them accountable under the law and stop the bullying and threats and intimidation….

As a side now merseyflow have explained how the council gets its Court Orders to send the bailiffs to come steal our stuff….

Should you fail to provide the obligated information within the 28 days of this notice of service the following will happen;
  1.  I will register a debt at the County Court. You will incur an additional charge for this.
  2.   I will request a Court Order be issued against you (this is not a County Court Judgement)
  3.   If the Court Order remains unpaid, I will instruct Enforcement Agents to collect the outstanding debt.
  4. If the outstanding debt is not settled in full, the Enforcement Agents may take control of your vehicle or goods from your property.
  5. The vehicle or goods seized by the Enforcement Agents may be sold and the proceeds used to pay your debt to me.
I am testing this and will let you know how I get on.
I do not expect any response as those in power just like North Yorkshire Police and the Defendants in my Flat claim they unfortunately are so arrogant that they don’t even see I am only doing unto them what they are doing unto me!!!
BUT once we get it right then we only need 10 in the first year, which will become 100 in the second year, which will become 1000 in the third year and that will become 10000 in the fourth year and once 100000 in the fifth year and all of a sudden it will be everywhere as the pendulum gains momentum!!!
Please help by doing your part to instigate peaceful change.
It is merely standing up to the bullies. If we don’t manage peacefully, it will happen violently as history shows us anyway – they cannot stop it – the people eventually all ways win.
Links to my using the Debt Protocol and their stories….