Defendant 9 – Michael Patterson

Marc Horn <>
To:Michael Patterson (BE),Marc Horn
25 Mar at 21:43
Dear Michael,
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your trying to help settle this matter. In regards your points:
I am a little confused as to why you are currently corresponding with me on this matter or why I have been included in the communications process”
1) You are a Trustee in my Agreement for Sale and as a result have obligations resulting from that.
2) You have confirmed what USL have previously admitted that they too have taken on the role of a Trustee, and have derived benefit from Austin Hall which under my Agreement for Sale is intended to come to me and similarly to other Settlors, none of which have received the benefit which is a failure in your obligations thereby causing the Beneficiaries harm as detailed in (D)6 to (D)8.
3) Additionally you have failed in your obligations as Trustee to Asquith House leaseholders who have not received any income since Q1 2017 as admitted by PSBL accounts provided, causing them harm.
The harm caused due to these failures in performing your obligations are as detailed in (E)6 and (E)7 with my requested equitable remedy.
Hopefully the trustees can settle this matter promptly, however I have completed the pre-court procedures in accordance with the CPR requirements and you failed to respond when given the opportunity putting us in this difficult situation.
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On Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 17:25:13 GMT+3, Michael Patterson (BE) <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Horn,

I refer to your recent communications regarding your proposed purchase of an apartment via Pinnacle Developments at their Leeds, Servia Road site. I am a little confused as to why you are currently corresponding with me on this matter or why I have been included in the communications process. For clarity I am the Director of Bloom Group Limited, we undertake Lettings and Lettings Management services, amongst additional tasks, either directly with property lease owners or via partnership arrangements with specialist bodies, such as in the case of the Leeds site, Urban Student Life.

I understand that you have not, for reasons out with my control or remit, completed on the purchase of the lease on your property as yet. I’m afraid I can’t help you further in this regard, as soon as you complete under the terms of the purchase agreement with the developer then perhaps we can communicate on the matters relating to Buildings Management, which is my main concern.

In the meantime may I request that you cease sending the documentation, that from what I can see is only relevant to the developer in this case, as it is causing uneccasry administration time and clearly taking up significant amounts of you own valuable time.

Yours sincerely

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