Rejection of my first every application for order could not have been a better inspiration

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18 April 2018 

Proof that UKOG claim service still is not in accordance with order for alternative service method as at 18 April 2018

Well what a week it has been!  Person Unknown – what do you think that means?

So here was UKOG solicitor response to my defence

Their response to my defence…. I am not a Defendant and so am not entitled to file a defence????

Urm well then how on earth can an injunction apply to a Person Unknown?? we gonna find out within a week……

ukogteam <>
To:Marc Horn
12 Apr at 16:00

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email.

As you have not filed an Acknowledgment of Service in time you are not a Defendant in these proceedings and are not entitled to file a Defence.  Should you wish to become a named Defendant in these proceedings you will have to make an application to court, on notice, in the usual way.

Yours faithfully

Hill Dickinson LLP

From: Marc Horn []
Sent: 11 April 2018 03:41
To: ukogteam
Cc: Marc Horn
Subject: Defence Accepted in regards claim PT-2018-000160


My defence against Claim PT-2018-000160 has been accepted and filed in the courts and I herewith serve you a copy.


HM Courts & Tribunals E-Filing Service

This is a notice to inform you that the filings filed in PT-2018-000160 have been accepted by the Clerk on 10-04-2018 12:35 PM. You can view this filing here.




Application to strikeout

Which is promptly dismissed…… reason being “totally without merit”

WOW…. what a punch on the face….. BUT it is to be expected….. this is playing in their field under their rules…… and I could have got no better motivation to explain the feeling in my gut that this nonsense of global injunctions for thought crimes is unconsciounable. I need to respect it is their playing field BUT we are the settlors and beneficiaries so we make the rules!!!

So from that tatty application to this…..

Video of Claim not served by clicking links

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