Moving towards a global social contract – Possibilities are only limited by our thoughts

Our current situation is purely the result of our past thinking – take a minute to digest……..

Our actions are the results of our thoughts so it cannot be other than this.

Beyond the survival instinct (and that too can be controlled) we choose the type of society we want to be a part of. Do we want to continue with a society based on violence where a few benefit at the expense of the many where the haves are protected by privilege (a social system where some are more equal than others due to the legal system) or do we want one where we all derive benefit from living in society (a social system based on truth with a reasoned logical legal system)? The choice is ours!

We already have the later, but most are not aware of it! Unfortunately we are socially conditioned to believe that legal means lawful. The distinction is simple – lawful from Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition. “Everything which may pass under the form of an enactment is not the law of the land. Sedg.St. & Const.Law,(2d Ed.) 475. When first used in Magna Charta, the phrase probably meant the established law of the kingdom, in opposition to the civil or Roman law. It is now generally regarded as meaning general public laws binding on all members of the community. Janes v. Reynolds, 2 Tex. 251; Beasley v. Cunningham, 171 Tenn. 334, 103 S.W.2d 18, 20, 110 A.L.R. 306. It means due process of law warranted by the constitution, by the common law adopted by the constitution, or by statutes passed in pursuance of the constitution. Mayo v. Wilson, 1 N.H. 53.” The first three highlights show the presumption, look t the words, and the last highlighted sentence is the key – if something is not in accordance with a constitution then it is unlawful, but what it fails to add is that you must consent….. and that is where they get you – if you do not know who and what you are they “get your consent” by asking you for it without you realising it moving you from the law of the land to the law of the sea which is a different ball game totally!

SO TIME TO CHANGE OUR THINKING – We must educate ourselves as it is not in the slavery systems interest for the “government” to educate the people.

Look carefully at what a fact is…..

“FACT. A thing done; an action performed or an incident transpiring; an event or circumstance; an actual occurrence. An actual happening in time or space or an event mental or physical.” BLD 4th Ed.

Test your beliefs. Vote truthfully for each point which hence is based upon your best understanding of “facts” at this point in time. That may well change as you seek your truths through life!

“TRUTH. There are three conceptions as to what constitutes “truth”:  Agreement of thought and reality; eventual verification; and consistency of thought with itself.” BLD 4th Ed.

I would suggest that 90% agreement is reasonable as with every issue there will always be 10% extremists on either side of any “fact”, which due to the fractal nature of reality will require 90% of the effort to reduce that to 10% to 1%.

If you disagree with any statements or conclusion that I have reached please reply nesting your comments in the relevant comment box I have made on a point by point basis so that we can put ego’s aside and have a grown up discussion to try reach 90% agreement – Thanks and enjoy!

WHEREAS 1 (All creations have equal authority);

WHEREAS 2 (ALL HUMANS equally highest lawmakers);