Suggestions for transition plan

FOUNDATION – Understanding law is covered in Legal analysis slide presentation.


ALL PEOPLE WITHIN ANY CURRENT MAN MADE STATE  or COUNTRY get educated that NO ONE HAS AUTHORITY TO KNOWINGLY CAUSE ANOTHER HARM, that they are personally responsible for what they say and do, then take oath to the law of creation so that we stop most of the divisions that are causing so much hatred and harm.


  • Ban all political parties immediately. We have representative who are meant to represent our interests and not those of political parties. They have made a contract for our votes and if they fail to vote according to their personal pledges then they immediately get replaced following new local elections.
  • As we allegedly own the central banks and governments debt is immediately balanced offering the private debtors one for one money based on peoples labour money.
  • Taxation is only based on land as that is what people need to survive.
  • No deficit can be raised without 83% of the populations consent.
  • All military are to be immediately withdrawn.
  • No foreign military intervention can be done without 83% of the populations consent.
  • Public records of all undertakings of public business, broadcast live and kept for public record.
  • Public access within reason for random public access to hold public employees accountable.

Justice system:

  • Immediately separate from government control.
  • Any legislation knowingly causing harm must be immediately abolished.
  • We have plenty of unemployed so juries of 12 must decide if the laws are understandable to them (reasonable person through the public education system who is expected to abide by the laws) and if less than 10 understand the law then it is immediately abolished.
  • The judges job is NOT to determine guilt – that is the juries job. The judge must prove claimants authority of claim – hence must validate the contract between claimant and defendant.

Law enforcement:

  • The only law is someone knowingly causing another creation harm.
  • Creation include environmental damage without consent.
  • You are not there to enforce private corporate interests.

Companies/ Public bodies and any organisation that is not an individual:

  • All contracts must be signed by authorised people. No more hiding behind corporate veil!
  • Anything not signed by authorised a human is an unlawful contract.

Fake News:

  • Every person reporting (the author, the face) must be individually held liable for what they print or say.
  • Presentations must leave no doubt as to when statements of fact are being made by the presenter, and similarly when opinion is stated it must leave no doubt that is opinion.


  • Every scientist must be held liable for known bad or corrupted science and must provide a statement of fact as to the quality of their publications ON the publication and any known bad science must be withdrawn.
    • Of immediate importance is Global warming, Vaccinations, Darwin’s evolution all of which are merely theories and not fact.