What am I going to do from 22nd June 2017

As I get my public notices together I will post them here…..

  • As we have delegated authority to our governments everything done on in our name is recorded using modern technology and broadcast live and kept on a you tube type channel.
  • As we have delegated authority to our governments everything done on in our name public assess to all public offices within reason of facilities for transparency to ensure unlawful behaviour is no longer carried out in our name.
  • Hence no more secret meeting or courts or behind closed doors.
  • We have no authority to cause another harm, however we must ensure our survival hence all military withdrawn from globe where our food and water supplies are not under threat.
  • End all arms exports and restrict arms sales to our defence only – sorry people working in this industry but you know weapons are knowingly used to cause harm so transition by only local markets and phasing out once we know we have enough for self defence.
  • All military / police / security personnel – all order givers are knowingly causing harm if order takers follow unlawful orders and order followers for acting unlawfully.
  • Unlawful tracking / data collection by governments eg. GCHQ, NSA etc… and corporations such as Facebook and Google.
  • All foreign “soft power” ceased and money diverted to providing clean water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Foreign aid only used for clean water and wastewater projects, and building only of schools, hospitals plus equipment exclusively for medical applications.
  • Fake news – The public face presenting is making the statements and can no longer hide behind the corporate veil and blaming order givers. Same as previous.
    • Suggest immediately all presenters put a text on the presentation stating when facts are being presented and when opinion is being presented and for printed maybe draw a box around “Statements of fact” and a box around “analysis” which is opinion and set the standards…..
  • Police – unlawful behaviour
    • Enforcing private contracts at public expense.
  • Courts – unlawful behaviour
    •  Conducting unlawful trials
    • Making judgement – trials without juries.
    • Enforcing private contracts at public expense.
  • Local authorities – unlawful behaviour
    • Unlawful contracts
  • Government departments – unlawful behaviour
    • Unlawful contracts
  • “Public protection bodies” not acting in public interest.
  • BAD SCIENCE IN PARTICULAR GLOBAL WARMING, VACCINATIONS – Open public debate point by point by both sides.
    • Scientists to withdraw known bad science contaminating our knowledge base
    • Scientists who have good science that has been suppressed to publish
  • Pope to prove UNAM  SANCTUM 1302 claiming only way to salvation is through his church. Failure to prove claim must correct all harm done and put above their alters this is purely their belief system and is inferior to the laws of creation.



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