Lawful and Legal Notices – Before you use read this!

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Please ensure you are clear in your understanding of your authority, responsibility and accountability! If you are new please ensure you work your way through in numerical order. Once you understand your true power you will have the foundation to overcome your fears! Then comes practice.

Those in power only have threats to humiliate your beliefs, threaten you with stealing your possessions and causing harm to you and their favoured one is to threaten your loved ones!

Their whole system is based on them justifying their unlawful behaviour through saying I told you so! Well unfortunately even in their legal system hidden in plain sight is an illegal contract as there was not a meeting of the minds. However the truth is the truth.

No one can prove authority more so than another from the creator who or whatever that may be.

As Such all humans have equal authority!

No human can prove authority from the creator to knowingly cause another creation harm.

Accordingly all interactions between two or more humans must be by consent, failing which it is an unlawful contract.

Man made law is derived from man, and hence can only have a lower authority than the law of creation as it is the result of humans and not what ever created humans!

We can delegate our authority, however it is an impossibility to exceed the authority we have. The following are self evident truths.

Hence all acts, statutes, bills or whatever anyone chooses to call them are inferior to the law of creation, and if they allow harm to be knowingly caused are unlawful. This is even acknowledged in the legal system!

Order giver:  if your order is carried out and it is planned to knowingly cause harm you are acting unlawful as you do not have this authority from creation!

Order follower if you knowingly cause harm you are acting unlawful as you do not have this authority from creation!

Once enough understand this and have the confidence to stand on the side of truth, then life will dramatically improve for the human race and all other creations on our planet earth!


I am making a few templates for my pet subjects of belief systems that are not based on truth. Modify as you gain more understanding and confidence of the power you hold. Always start with statements of fact, who you are, and then the who is acting unlawfully and the unlawful behaviour witnessed, what they can do to remedy the situation and follow the procedures to issue your notices.

This is not done with ill intent so perfection is unimportant – you are doing the best to your ability to record unlawful behaviour. You are acting with honour. You are giving them a chance to remedy their unlawful actions.

  1. Enter the details you know in advance and print the notice.
  2. Print 2 copies, 1 for you and one to whom you will issue the notice.
  3. Get a witness to come with you and video record proceedings – let everyone know you will be recording – this is common decency and we have nothing to hide!
  4. If they do not consent to video recording that is why you have a witness with you. It is perfectly reasonable for them to refuse as you do not have the authority to force them to do what you want. Consent works both ways!!!
  5. Read them the notice and fill in the details.
  6. Ask the person for their name, address and who they work for. This is not an unreasonable request as they are the ones knowingly causing harm, or just following orders! At a guess they will refuse because they will not be able to hide behind the legal system and will hold personal responsibility for their actions. People MUST be liable for what they say and do and lawfully cannot hide behind the legal system!!!
  7. The organisation they work for is important – NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL, NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT puts them under legal obligation to pass this notice up and down in their organisation. Failure to do so makes them personally liable!!!
  8. If they believe what they are doing is lawful then they will have no moral dilemma signing a notice.
  9. If they refuse to accept the notice once you have read it to them then get your witness to write this where the witness signs and writes their name on both copies.
  10. Hand one copy to the person and keep the other for your records. If they refuse to accept the notice just leave it as you have your witness you issued it.
  11. Please post any videos and comments when you try this method so we can all assess the reaction. We know it is based in truth and if enough people have the courage to use them we finally will end unlawful behaviour!
  12. Those who currently benefit from the legal governance will discredit this. If you believe this it true then use it. They are on notice, and once enough people understand they hold the power and not the legal system, those who have acted unlawfully will be held liable – so keep the notices and use them when and where ever you witness unlawful behaviour!


Hold vaccination givers personally liable and requests proper science so you can make an informed decision prior to giving consent.  27 June 2017


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