Is Statute Law and Notices one of the same?

Is there a difference? Absolutely not and I will show you why!.

The elements are exactly the same…….. just different words!

Act vs Notice BOE 1694

Act vs Notice BOE 2016

You decide……… it is an offer to contract and unless you can prove you have not consented you will forever remain subservient!

How do you go about it?  Well clearly by their rules they have a system…. and guess what once you understand the system which is very simple and in my opinion equitable to settle claims if people rise up against the threats of violence it is not difficult to change!

This can be done peacefully by reasoned logic, however until a new set of boundaries is established all bullies can only resort to violence as they have no legitimacy in truth and they know it!

Simply their thugs are still given privilege to uphold their authority and keep people enslaved. The privilege is given in material goods and services which rely totally on money, so once sufficient understand that money is no more than an accounting unit for labour hours a new accounting system will evolve and the existing system will simply collapse from within, simply repeating history where every empire has collapsed from within due to greed and authority will be lost through knowledge as they turn more to violence to hold on, just as a school boy bully does!


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