Please read fisrt then download and print Notice of Liability so you can go through it with the following video explanation…

Video 1 Understanding Contracts and slavery

Video 2 What is a notice of liability and my notice of liability to David Jones – Our lawful redress once private agreement has not worked. It is pointless complaining to the police – why? CONFLICT OF INTEREST – LOOK AFTER ONE ANOTHER!, it is pointless complaining to IPCC – Why? CONFLICT OF INTEREST AS SAME PAYMASTER!

Video 3 – Statement of facts – Understanding who and what you are – Sovereignty authority and jurisdiction, settling matters privately…

Video 4 – Highest man made law in UK Common Law How Commercial Law is used to move you from Common Law jurisdiction into Admiralty Law ans hence why everyone feels there is no justice


In summary this is a notice of liability for further unlawful actions in particular by North Yorkshire Police.

In essence it is an attempt to understand why so many feel this is such an unjust world and whichever way you turn you get no where.

I have attempted to answer in what makes reasoned logical sense to me, but this is a culmination of my life experience to date and the in depth research I have been doing over the past 3 odd years!

Firstly I needed to understand who I truly am and in society what is my authority, and hence limit of my jurisdiction and hence every other humans.

Then how does interaction with others work to overcome a slavery system, and I define slavery as simply extracting a share of the fruits of an others labour and ideas, using physical violence as was common in years gone by, and “mind” control which is prevalent today as the best slaves are those that police themselves and believe they are free!

What really interested me though was we are all human, and though there is plenty of evidence of “alien intervention” it all points to those aliens having “left” and hence we appear to be of the same genes!  I previously did about 3 years of cycle analysis and all the evidence pointed to people are very predictable individually as well as in small groups, and differently again in large groups and there is mountains of research showing this.


We start our journey in life seeking our truths…..
as what appears reality is so wrong….
1. watch this moving video by Pip Hockey.

I suggest you download NOTICE OF LIABILITY FOR UNLAWFUL ACTIONS IN THE FUTURE and work through the following for a deeper understanding…. this has taken me years….

2. I know I am equally the highest authority on earth as is every other human – prove my truths wrong. LAWS OF CREATION.
Notice of Liability page 2. Whereas 1 and its therefore 1 and 2
3. I previously livestreamed my first attempt to deliver my grievances – we all can make mistakes – are after all we are only human – but it is also human and respectful to let others know!
Notice of Liability page 3. Whereas 2 and provide evidence
Notice of Liability page 7 through 11. Whereas 4’s, therefore item 2, sub item 4 a.
4. As all humans are equal sovereign if society chooses not to live in servitude to violence we need rules, in the English tradition “Common Law”
Notice of Liability page 4. Whereas 3 and its therefore.
4. All interactions between humans can only be lawful if there exists a lawful contract based on the immutable truths and laws derived in 2 above, and the slave masters needed a set of rules to stop them infighting and so was developed the law of the sea and the way they make the law is
Notice of Liability page 4. Whereas 4 and therefore.
5. To prove the police are unknowing victims placed at protests when the slaves rebel on behalf of the few slave masters I provide further evidence than the video of Pip in 1,
Notice of Liability page 7 through 11. Whereas 4’s, therefore item 2, sub item 4 b, c and e. and item 8 Whereas 1 and its therefore. item 8 Whereas 2 Questions the senior police who are not on the ground their extent of knowingly giving orders that will cause harm directly to the protectors, but more generally to the public who expect factual truth, and the therefore why I have issued this notice.
6. I made a further attempt on the 1st November which was not live streamed but the most senior officer gave me some of his time. I was somewhat disappointed that my fellow humans were so dismissive of this fool, but hopefully now they will understand why I wanted them and thankfully enough had the courage in understanding of themselves, remember we are all on this journey, some further than others. It is an individual journey.
Notice of Liability page 7 through 11. Whereas 4’s, therefore item 2, sub item 4
7. My fools journey then took me to take my affirmation, which as the solicitors were already closed took me to a search for 24 hour solicitors and when one from London called me back gave me a web address to find a local one, who was already on his way home when I called, I offered him £300 and we agreed to be at his office in 20 minutes, and being a fellow human he only charged his normal rate. Taking my affirmation video.
8. and so my fools journey took me to the post office and fortunately that was closed as by now it was nearly 6pm to deliver in accordance with the law of the sea my documents with a bill of lading and proof of delivery, video attached.
The bill of lading

I can do no more than have faith in my fellow humans, that due to the sad state of affairs humanity finds itself in that I managed to plant 100 acorns from which an oak forest may grow for future generations in the coming changes we face if we want to avoid a violent future!

As I am only human I may well have made a few mistakes…. but so long as I learn then I am progressing 🙂

The evidence videos are purely to show that the police are unknowingly causing fellow humans and therefore are not guilty of any crimes, but those that are knowingly giving the orders are guilty. They can be found amongst other websites at

As for me – I know I cannot win with force so reason is the limit of my actions. I have done what I can. The legal system has failed, Protest is resulting in much division and resentment and potentially disastrous environmental damage, so I have faith in my fellow humans we can do this lawfully and peacefully, but that depends on each and every human taking some time out to seek the truth and that is all I can ask you to do.

The more you share the more acorns are likely to germinate. Thanks.



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Signed pages – Notice, Affirmation and Contract


Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery