Video 6 – David Jones acting as Chief Constable, and David Hannan acting as Supt (Gold and Silver Commanders of Operation Kingfisher) of North Yorkshire Police.

Introduction video 6.

WHEREAS 2, (David Jones and David Hannan Unlawful intent and as senior officers giving orders should know better!)

  1. The governed that would be most directly affected by the risks associated with fracking license PL80 to THIRD ENERGY ONSHORE LIMITED Company number 0494604 granted by the government, showed beyond any doubt unprecedented disapproval to the proposed operations; and
  2. Until the planning permission was granted by North Yorkshire County Council Planning application – NY/2015/0233/ENV against the consent of the governed living with the greatest risk, Kirby Misperton was a relatively unknown peaceful village; and
  3. This caused Supt Dave Hannan’s statements of his unlawful intent at a meeting in Kirby Misperton on the 5 September 2017 of dictating terms of his interpretation of lawful protest, as his oath (possibly affirmation added here) is to uphold the rule of law as in his oath/affirmation; and
  4. Neither Supt Dave Hannan, nor his principals of The NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE withdrew his statements of unlawful intent; and
  5. This shows the extremely poor level of understanding of the rule of law by those governed as no one served notice of the afore mentioned intent to act unlawfully to give him the opportunity to correct his ways; and
  6. No human in the justice system informed the public of this gross negligence and dereliction of duty of care of Supt Dave Hannan , and his principals; and
  7. No human in the government informed the public of this gross negligence and dereliction of duty of care of Supt Dave Hannan, and his principals; and
  8. It appears no human in the government informed HM Queen Elizabeth II in whom the governance of the people is entrusted in her first promise “…to govern….. to their respective laws and customs” this unlawful intent and dereliction of duty of care of Supt Dave Hannan, and his principals; and
  9. The works on site by THIRD ENERGY ONSHORE LIMITED Company number 0494604 commenced in largely peaceful protest, which naturally resulted in more desperate attempts to stop work on the site; and


  1. Supt Dave Hannan, as head of the policing operations gave unlawful orders carrying out his previously stated intent; and
  2. Supt Dave Hannan’s agents acted upon those unlawful orders in breach of their oaths/affirmaments; and
  3. On BBC radio York, Jonathan Cowap show on the 22 September 2017, NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE Chief Constable Dave Jones was specifically asked a number of times about upholding the legality that allows for peaceful protest and confirms the police is making the law by deciding where the balance is between conflicting rights. Asked specifically about Supt Dave Hannan’s banning he confirmed that he was complicit with Supt Dave Hannan’s unlawful intent which had by then turned into actions; and Interview North Yorkshire Chief Constable David Jones 22/9/17
  4. These foresaid preambles show a gross breach of trust by the agents of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the humans which are responsible for the lawful running of the institutions that are required to implement her second promise in her Coronation Oath to “…govern the people………. according to their respective laws and customs”, confirming the sovereignty of the humans as equals as in accordance with Genesis 1:26 (KJV) And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion….. ; and
  5. The agents who have acted unlawfully have broken their oaths (my mistake – some affirmations depends on when….-either way a mans word is his bond!)  to well and truly serve HM Queen Elizabeth II; and
  6.  The agents breach of trust also is a failure in their duty of care to the governed; and
  7. Untold harm has been caused as a consequences of the unlawful implementation of the aforementioned intended unlawful actions of Supt Dave Hannan in the policing under Operation Kingfisher, and
  8. it is not only a fundamental principle of law that nobody is above the law including, no human can prove more authority from the creator than another, all humans have equal authority hence is not a principle but a natural law of creation and is the superior law over the Bible which is manmade law, hence woman are equals to men and “man” is superseded to read humans in Genesis 1:2; and
  9. Policing on the ground has reached the state of lawlessness when the police act as private security to vehicle movements on behalf of THIRD ENERGY ONSHORE at public expense; and
  10. Evidence of the unlawful actions is detailed from my personal experience as detailed above; and
  11. This behaviour is not only unlawful, but is a crime under statute law which is to constrain such unlawful behaviour and avoid such abuse of power; and
  12. The police have failed to reassure the public that this sort of behaviour will end, and
  13.  The police are critical in a peaceful transition from this state of lawlessness to a lawful peaceful society; and



  1. I, Marc Horn, Claimant/Libellant, do hereby issue and serve by recorded delivery this NOTICE OF LIABILITY REGARDING UNLAWFUL ACTIONS BY NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE, together with a USB memory stick containing the evidence as detailed to Chief Constable Dave Jones, the human, and as agent of NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE, North Yorkshire Police, Alverton Court, Crosby Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire,DL6 1BF being the contact information given on their website, as Respondents/Libellants as detailed on the notice includes all government agents.
  2. I accept full responsibility previous for not knowing how to seek remedy for society; and
  3. Thank each and every fellow human for participating on this journey in my search of these truths; and
  4. Accordingly I request your forgiveness as I have already forgiven you without any claim or liability for previous unlawful actions.


I, Marc Anton Paul Horn, Affirmant, a man, upon my full unlimited commercial liability, do affirm and say that I have read the above Affidavit and do know the contents to the very best of my knowledge to be true, correct, complete, and not misleading; the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, autographed at _____________________, _________________


on the 4th day of November in the Year Two Thousand and Seventeen


_____________________________, All Rights Reserved _______________________________

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On 3 Nov 2017 a judge in Blackpool confirmed the right to peaceful protest causing companies disruption and released all 10 defendants from PNR saying  “I am of the view that the defendants have, on the evidence I heard, sufficiently raised and established ‘lawful excuse’. The prosecution has not shown, to my satisfaction, the defendants to have been overall unreasonable. Accordingly, the charge is not made out, and I find the defendants not guilty.” and STILL David Jones and David Hannan give unlawful orders to their agents on the ground to use the threat of violence on people that do not do what the police tell them to, make arrests outside of their jurisdiction, charge people for lawful actions based on presumptions of jurisdiction, provide security at tax payers expense and cause disruption to local residents!