Notice to Offer to Settle Privately – Michael Gubbay – Austin Hall Unit 609

NOTICE – Offer to Settle Privately – Austin Hall and Asquith Hall – Freehold WYK463417 transfer in Breach of investors Agreement of Sale, Failure to uphold Covenants of Title Absolute

6 February 2018

Dear Michael,
AHILL have tried to deal with my claim however that has not progressed this matter and hence I am choosing an alternative route in person for remedy.
In the communications received from AHILL it appears your intentions are not honourable and I am perusing this to establish the facts.
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and to be able to judge the facts must be established.
This notice is expressly for your benefit to provide you with due process and a good faith opportunity to state a verified rebuttal of my claim in order to reach an equitable resolution to the harm caused in regards your failure to perform your fiduciary duties as trustees and, thereby causing me harm by denying me my right to enjoy the benefits of my grant.
The buyers approval for the sale of freehold title WYK463417 was not given either directly nor through their solicitors makes the whole sale of the freehold illegal as you are well aware it was the performance security of the investors!
Secondly the covenants in the title absolute give investors a higher priority than charges.
The evidence shows your intent to defraud investors as detailed in the attachment.
It appear at least an additional 4 of the 13 parties did this with knowledge and intent, however until the facts are established your dealings may have been honourable but misguided on your understanding of the facts, and that you intend to complete your undertaking in accordance with the covenants of the Title Absolute.
I am hoping to settle this matter privately with yourself.
Failure to settle this privately by noon 7 February 2017, will result in yourself and the other 12 Respondents by legally noticed should we fail to settle this matter privately as the documents will be notarised in the morning.
Your formal response is the same as detailed in the attachment, except the internet link is this. Notice to Offer to Settle Privately – Michael Gubbay – Austin Hall Unit 609
As this is a private attempt to settle the matter it is password protected and the password is 666.
Non attested documents from you offering any agreement we reach will be deemed failure to respond.
If you wish to discuss this or have any questions by phone you can contact me via skype map_horn, or whatsapp and viber +965 973 1859.
Please remember this is not personal, but only business, and you were the one who pulls the strings in the past!
Email proof of delivery: to ensure delivery of email to serve I simple use a noticeofproofofdelivery@ same server as email address of respondent.
The server does not have this email account so will reject and send notice invalid email back, and deliver the others to the valid accounts.
Notice of Proof of delivery Michael Gubbay Offer to settle Privately

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